Friday, September 14, 2007

This is the story of a girl

I wanted to start a blog for the longest time but had some major commitment issues. I think I'm ready now though :) This is kind of a selfish endeavor - I like writing for no damn reason. Ok, well, I like writing mainly because it helps me think in a more structured fashion and it's always a catharsis. It's fun too.

But I also wanted to keep a blog to connect.

To connect with those who want to hear stories of someone who might have thoughts, dreams, and experiences similar to theirs...or totally different. To pose questions and to strive to answer. To communicate beautiful experiences and to complain about stupid, unavoidable ironies. I guess these are confessions of a hopeless romantic-optimist who pretends she's not. Life is endless fascination; let's see if I can put some of it into words and photos.

And if you like chocolate brownie ice cream, I love you.



Ali said...

You know Nadia, its kind of weird that you like writing for no damn reason. That makes no sense! Theres always a reason to write, just like there is always a reason to read what someone has wrote. However, i have no damn reason why I read your blog ;P

I love chocolate brown ice cream, but please dont intend to xoxo me

finaH said...

You can not write for no damn reason! There is always a reason to write for something, just like there is a reason to read such things. But im finding myself having no damn reason to posting a comment to your blog either!

btw I love chocolate ice cream, but dont you dare xoxo me.

finah said...

pick which comment u like! i wrote like 20398490234 of them thinking my ie screwed up and didn't post it, then realizing comments must be approved. i have a useless cs degree

Nadia Hyder said...

hhahaha i lowe it. i had to post them all.

Ali Faruk said...

i am pro chocolate and brownies! but not ice cream.

Hina M. said...

What kind of lawyer is a hopeless romantic? tsk tsk ye bacchi ke saath kya karna??