Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's All Justin's Fault

No it really isn't, but I wish the root of Britney's problems could be reduced to that-for the sake of simplicity. So I'm not exactly a fan, but there have been worse music criminals before her, and will be many more after her. I don't read much about Brit except for what is shoved in my face when I open up the front page of many, varied internet news sources or as I'm waiting in line at Ukrop's or CVS...and so ok, I encounter her almost every day. So I can't help but think about ol' Brit sometimes. The news seems to be getting worse and worse :( It seems like it all began once her relationship with homeboy Justin started to spiral down, down, downward. How did she go from cute, bubbly girl-next-door to potentially losing custody of her children and having her bodyguard accuse her of using drugs, etc.etc.etc.etccccccc?

Life can snowball out of control sometimes...and then the avalanche comes if we don't pay attention. Her career was all about selling an image. It is about genius marketing, not music, in my opinion. She was the brand that a large portion of the population were drawn to, whether they hated or loved her. They bought her...just by paying so much attention. They are still buying her, watching the self-destruction in horror and awe.

So would things have been better if she turned around and saw the ice slowly but steadily crumbing? If she was content with her wealth and gave up the potential for more fame and fortune and attention...would things be better for her right now? Is it impossible to walk away from the magnetic draw of that kind of a lifestyle? I'm not sure, because I've never been close :) If I were to say, "She's stupid, why doesn't she just change!!?" that would be a shallow judgment on my part unless I could put myself in the shoes of a celeb of such stature. But what I do believe is that it takes tremendous strength to kick the habit of taking that drug, go through the withdrawl, and maintain hope that the doors to happiness in life are many. It just takes a leap of faith to open a new one sometimes.
Nope, most of the time.

Or maybe we should just blame stupid Justin!



Oh and I know there's someone out there who probably thinks the drug metaphor is indicative of my past drug experimentation. Don't get excited; I have never done it before, even though I've resided in Richmond for so long and have been friends with various artsy up in the clouders. My drugs of choice are good food and music, preferably together.

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Your girl in Dubai said...

Nadia Nadia Bo Badia,
I love how you go from a commentary about Britney and Justin (how sad is it that they don't need last names, we all know who you're talking about) to a commentary of not judging others and having empathy for their situations. I miss you and your wisdom, and how you're the only one of my friends I can carry with just one arm.