Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ground Zero, Every Day.

For a decade, I was able to avoid seeing ground zero.
I did not want to see it.

It would amplify and remind me of the void I felt when they smashed through the buildings, and into all of our lives.

But I've been thinking about 9/11 every morning for the past 3 months.

I walked from William Street down Maiden Lane and onto Cortland. One straight shot. I saw my subway station and then looked up at ugly construction machines and skeletons of buildings.

"What is all this? Is it? No. Yes. Hell. I think it's Ground Zero."

So this thing I tried to avoid would haunt me every day, and there was no detour.

I couldn't help but imagine people running down the street. Clouds of ashes engulfing everything in its way. Screams. Panic. Jumping.

And now, it's just quiet.

In FiDi, It feels as if you are walking around a movie set. A very deliberately manicured downtown, mostly free of cars. People literally walk down the middle of the streets.

But I'm in love with this neighborhood. A place I never wanted to be. And now feels like home.

(picture above is the new tower under construction peeking out as you walk towards Cortland Subway Station. At least 5 people have asked me where Ground Zero was, while standing virtually right next to it!)