Friday, September 21, 2007

On the First Pillar

Great quote from Samina Abdullah, Richmond, VA :
La ilaha illallah is a very powerful formula. It gives you individual empowerment, individual responsibility and individual accountability.
The Almighty saw fit to spend 13 years on getting those early gents to master it. It was by way of “formatting the hard drive”. Shed all the puppet strings of culture, family, DNA, fear, wealth and ego etc that control us all.
Stand free stand tall and stand true to your primal nature.
We (humans) are Allah’s noblest creation, His masterpiece! He calls us His Khalifa.
Once we reconnect with our primal nature, we are ready for great things and there’s no stopping us from being all that we can be.
If the Laws of Islam are from the same source as the laws that control the Universe, then it is the most natural thing for us to obey those laws. All the dos and don’ts should feel right, should feel satisfactory in the deepest recesses of our being.
But the condition is that I will seek them out and I will impose them upon myself.
Living life under imposition, is living life without integrity.

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