Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Additions, Amendments, Deletions.

100 twists and turns later...I am almost done with year one at the Brandcenter. I never imagined I'd be in this spot at this time in my life. It's kind of weird and unexpected but it's also pretty damn spectacular.

Waitttt a minute, "time in my life?" What does that really mean to us? I guess it has to do with how we planned life out when we were in the high school cafeteria staring up at a banner for the Thanksgiving canned food drive. You remember those thoughts...

I will get out of here and embrace my independence.
Which will lead me to a college where I will major in the most awesome major.
And obviously awesome dude or dream chick will come along.
And my job will be so sweet ass because I will have been so logical about everything.
And I will have luck too, obviously. Cause like, I've been a good human.

Ok yeah life's a little more complicated than that. It's likely not exactly what we envisioned while running around the high school track and dreaming about the future.

Sometimes a lot of us get bogged down by that dissonance.

So screw dissonance and be thankful for at least holding parts of your ultimate dream in your hands. I'm sorry if there are shards included and it hurts sometimes. The rest may come a few years from now. Or maybe a few weeks. Maybe never, but I bet you, you will not care as much at that point.

Some may last a while and then crumble. Lay out blueprints for new ones. Your blueprints may get stolen. Scream. And then recreate.


That's all we can do.