Sunday, May 8, 2011

Barbeque Your Worries Away

Like totally, melt them on the grill.
Somehow, my day started off heavy, before even rolling out of bed
Mother's Day 2012
What was I going to do for my mom? So unprepared this year.
Portfolio presentation coming up. How worried should I be?
I want to run today, but my feet are sore from a Zumba OD yesterday. Am I being too weak?
I feel so unproductive. I'm tired of jerks. I'm just ah...

Whatever. Really, cooking can scorch the globs of nonsense away from your brain.

Especially when it involves fire.

So we had a nice Mom's Day BBQ today, my family and my bro's family. I threw them steaks on the grill, along with beautiful shrimp in terriyaki marinade and veggies on skewers. The smoke filling up the air and the kids laughing and getting excited in the background made everything perfect. The wonderful neighbors, Rick next door asking if I wanted any grilling tips and guys on the other side blasting their country and southern rock.

These are moments I love being Virginian. And scorching away worries with the fire of a BBQ grill. scorrrrchhhhh.


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Jeff said...

Ha...I enjoy GRILLING my food and thoughts out. That's true that cooking's like art or taking you away in this immersive experience. And BBQing is one of the best parts of southern summers. Bye. -JW